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Astrological Aspects – Word Search Puzzle

Astrology Word Search

Astrological aspects is one of the more complex topics in astrology. Learning the names of the aspects alone is a real challenge for most. Sesquisquare, quincunx, semisextile… I’m not the only finding these difficult, am I?

Luckily, there IS a way to learn these. Practice makes perfect. So, in order to make it easier for astrology students to remember the names of the most important aspects, we created these puzzles.

You can practice either by playing the interactive Word Search below or download a printable Word Search puzzle to practice offline (the links are at the end of this post).

HOW TO PLAY: The rules are simple. There are 11 names of the major and minor astrological aspects hidden in the shape of a star. The names can be written vertically, horizontally or diagonally. The same letter cannot be used for several words. 

We hope this word search puzzle makes learning the astrological aspects more enjoyable for you. Good luck!

Download the Astrological Aspects Word Search Puzzle here:

Download “Astrological Aspects Word Search” The-Aspects-Word-Search-Star.pdf – Downloaded 446 times – 253.20 KB

Download the Astrological Aspects Word Search Puzzle Answer Key here:

Download “Astrological Aspects Word Search Answer Key” The-Aspects-Word-Search-Star-Answers.pdf – Downloaded 411 times – 272.74 KB

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Written by KatiaStellium

My passion for astrology began in childhood with my grandpa showing me the stars and constellations. I grew up reading horoscopes and absorbing the knowledge from an astrology book, "The Sun Signs," that we had at home. Time has only deepened my love for astrology, leading me to create AstroMango. Here, I'm excited to share my lifelong passion with you!

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