🌌 Custom Astrology Reports

I am currently offering four personalized astrology report options:

  1. Astrology Bundle: This bundle includes three of my best-selling products: a birth chart reading, a one-year personal transit calendar, and an astrology cheat sheet, which is a bestseller on Etsy.
  2. Personal Transits Calendar: This unique product functions like a personal horoscope. Unlike anything I’ve seen on Etsy or elsewhere, it calculates transits based on your natal chart and current location. You will receive two .ics files containing a year’s worth of in-depth interpretations of all significant transits, customized just for you.
  3. Birth Chart Reading: This is a personalized, in-depth reading of your natal chart, spanning over 40 pages.
  4. The Big Three Reading: This approximately 15-page analysis covers your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs, including a decan interpretation of the Ascendant. This report is different from the birth chart reading and can be purchased together with it.
Custom Birth Chart Report. Personalized 40+ page in-depth astrology reading. Quick turn around.
Custom The Big Three Astrology Reading. In-depth astrology analysis of your Sun, Moon and Rising Sign/Ascendant.

🌗 Printable Moon Calendars & Guides

I love following the Moon’s cycles and enjoy designing, so I’ve created various lunar calendars and moon phase guides for you to choose from.

Year-at-a-Glance Moon Calendar 2024

This one-page yearly calendar includes moon phases and eclipses. You can choose from three time zones: UTC (best for Europe and the UK), US & Canada, and Australia.

Year-at-a-glance Lunar Calendar 2024 UTC Time Europe and UK
Year-at-a-glance Lunar Calendar 2024 US and Canada Time
Year-at-a-glance Lunar Calendar 2024 Australia Time

Detailed Moon Phases Calendars 2024 & Moon Phases Guides

Choose from three themes—vintage/retro, aesthetic, and cute doodle style. Click on images to view the product on Etsy in more detail.

  • Lunar Calendar: This is a straightforward calendar detailing the moon phases for 2024.
  • Moon Phases Guide: This guide is a labor of love. It consolidates extensive information about the moon phases onto a single page, making it the perfect reference for living in sync with the moon’s cycle and understanding the energy of each phase.
Moon Phases Calendar 2024 Printable Vintage Theme
Moon Phases Guide Printable Vintage Theme
Moon Phases Calendar 2024 Printable Aesthetic
Lunar Phases Meaning Printable Guide Aesthetic
Moon Phases Calendar 2024 Printable Cute Doodle Theme
Moon Phases Cheat Sheet Printable Doodle Theme

🪐 Printable Astrology Symbols and Glyphs

I love designing, so I always create a few options! Currently, there are three styles available: vintage, snake and cute bunny.

These astrology printables include all the most important astrology symbols and glyphs. They are perfect for decoration or as part of your astrology workbook or grimoire pages.

Astrology Symbols and Glyphs Printable Hare Theme

♈️ Zodiac Signs Editable Canva Template

This product is unique as it is an editable Canva template designed to meet your needs. These zodiac sign cheatsheets can be printed as posters, wall art, added to your astrology planner, made into cards, or anything else you can imagine. You have complete freedom to customize and use them as you wish.

Zodiac Signs Cheat Sheet Editable Canva Template

I have many more astrology products coming, so be sure to favorite AstroMango on Etsy to stay updated. I’m also open to suggestions, so feel free to contact me if you’d like me to design a special astrology printable or template 🥰.