Welcome to Astro Mango!

Let me introduce myself. I’m Katia Stellium ♌♈♈ from the beautiful wonderland called Finland 🇫🇮. I am the passionate soul behind this project. You might guess from my big three that I’m quite an enthusiastic type of person 🙂 I’m a designer and content creator by profession, running three Etsy shops where I specialize in digital products.

My journey with astrology and space began in childhood, sparked by my grandpa’s midnight lessons about the stars, constellations, and myths. These moments are cherished memories that fuel my passion.

A few years ago, I created an astrology cheat sheet that became a hit, selling thousands of copies in my other Etsy shop (DigitalHygge). Inspired by this success, in 2023, I launched the AstroMango project. Now, Astro Mango has expanded to include this website and AstroMango Etsy shop. Here, you can find my astrology printables, custom Birth Chart Reports, and Transit Calendars.

I invite you to join me on this astrology journey. Together, let’s dive deep into this ancient art of self-discovery and prediction. Get ready to unlock the mysteries of the cosmos with AstroMango! 🤩✨