Zodiac Signs Cheat Sheet

Zodiac Signs Cheat Sheet

Would you like to understand what truly defines each zodiac sign? I break down the core energy of all 12 zodiac signs. We’re not talking about typical traits here; we’re diving deeper to uncover the essence of each sign, aiming to understand what makes each one unique. Alongside this, you’ll learn key attributes of each sign, including ruling planets, elements, modes/qualities, and more.

I’ve designed this to be your go-to zodiac sign cheat sheet, especially if you’re just starting to learn astrology. It’s all the essential information, conveniently gathered in one place, and no fluff.

Twelve Zodiac Signs

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Twelve Zodiac Signs in Astrology

♈️ Aries

  • Ruling Planet: Mars
  • Element: Fire
  • Mode (Quality): Cardinal
  • Exalted Planet: Sun
  • Planet in Detriment: Venus
  • Planet in Fall: Saturn
  • House Rulership: 1st House (often associated with self-identity and beginnings)
  • Body Part: Head
  • Color: Red
  • Keyword: “I Am”
Aries - Zodiac Signs Cheat Sheet

Aries energy is the impulse that starts a heartbeat, the initial push propelling things forward.

When a planet finds itself in Aries, it gets dressed with an unyielding drive to act and an instinctual desire to assert itself.

There’s a rawness to this energy, a fundamental force that pushes boundaries and seeks immediate engagement.

It’s less about leading and more about the inherent need to move, act, and react. This can manifest as a visceral response to challenges, an innate courage, or impatience to get things in motion.

It’s the cosmic spark, initiating cycles and bringing the unexpressed into tangible reality.

♉️ Taurus

  • Ruling Planet: Venus
  • Element: Earth
  • Mode (Quality): Fixed
  • Exalted Planet: Moon
  • Planet in Detriment: Mars (and traditionally, Pluto)
  • Planet in Fall: None traditionally, though some modern astrologers associate Uranus
  • House Rulership: 2nd House (associated with personal finances, values)
  • Body Part: Neck and throat
  • Color: Green
  • Keyword: “I Have”
Taurus - Zodiac Signs Cheat Sheet

Taurus energy is the deep-rooted tree firmly planted in the ground.

When a planet lands in Taurus, it bathes in steadfastness, a craving for security, and a tangible connection to the material world.

This energy revels in the senses: the taste of food, the feel of fabrics, the aroma of nature. It’s about building, nurturing, and enjoying the fruits of labor.

The core of Taurus is the patient pursuit of pleasure and stability, providing an anchoring force in a constantly changing universe.

♊️ Gemini

  • Ruling Planet: Mercury
  • Element: Air
  • Mode (Quality): Mutable
  • Exalted Planet: None
  • Planet in Detriment: Jupiter
  • Planet in Fall: None
  • House Rulership: 3rd House (communication, short trips)
  • Body Part: Arms, lungs, hands
  • Color: Yellow
  • Keyword: “I Think”
Gemini - Zodiac Signs Cheat Sheet

Gemini energy is the whispering wind, carrying tales from all corners.

Planets in Gemini adopt an insatiable curiosity, a drive to communicate, and an ability to adapt.

It’s the rapid exchange of ideas, the lively chatter bouncing from one subject to the next, and the agile movement through conversations.

A versatile and quicksilver force, Gemini energy thrives on connection, exchange, and keeping the mental wheels turning.

♋️ Cancer

  • Ruling Planet: Moon
  • Element: Water
  • Mode (Quality): Cardinal
  • Exalted Planet: Jupiter
  • Planet in Detriment: Saturn
  • Planet in Fall: Mars
  • House Rulership: 4th House (home, family, roots)
  • Body Part: Chest, breasts, stomach
  • Color: Silver or pale blue
  • Keyword: “I Feel”
Cancer - Zodiac Signs Cheat Sheet

Cancer energy is the embrace of a mother, protective and nurturing.

Planets in Cancer are cloaked in sensitivity, deep emotions, and an intuitive grasp of their surroundings.

This energy is tied to memories, roots, and places we call home. It’s about feeling deeply, caring profoundly, and operating with a strong inner compass. The heart of Cancer seeks to connect, protect, and nurture.

♌️ Leo

  • Ruling Planet: Sun
  • Element: Fire
  • Mode (Quality): Fixed
  • Exalted Planet: None
  • Planet in Detriment: Uranus (and traditionally, Saturn)
  • Planet in Fall: Mercury
  • House Rulership: 5th House (creativity, romance, children)
  • Body Part: Heart, spine, upper back
  • Color: Gold or orange
  • Keyword: “I Will”
Leo - Zodiac Signs Cheat Sheet

Leo energy is the warmth of a midday sun, radiant and commanding attention.

When a planet is in Leo, it gains a zest for expression, a flair for the dramatic, and a desire to be acknowledged.

It’s the roaring confidence, the joy of creation, and the love of recognition. Leo energy needs to shine, inspire, and celebrate its unique light.

♍️ Virgo

  • Ruling Planet: Mercury
  • Element: Earth
  • Mode (Quality): Mutable
  • Exalted Planet: Mercury
  • Planet in Detriment: Neptune
  • Planet in Fall: Venus
  • House Rulership: 6th House (health, routines, service)
  • Body Part: Digestive system, intestines
  • Color: Green or dark brown
  • Keyword: “I Analyze”
Virgo - Zodiac Signs Cheat Sheet

Virgo energy is the meticulous hand that crafts with precision.

With a planet in Virgo, there’s an emphasis on analysis, refinement, and the pursuit of perfection. It’s about the subtle details, the systematic approach, and the drive to improve.Virgo energy is the act of refining, categorizing, and seeking utility in everything it touches.

♎️ Libra

  • Ruling Planet: Venus
  • Element: Air
  • Mode (Quality): Cardinal
  • Exalted Planet: Saturn
  • Planet in Detriment: Mars (and traditionally, Pluto)
  • Planet in Fall: Sun
  • House Rulership: 7th House (partnerships, marriage)
  • Body Part: Kidneys, lower back
  • Color: Pink or light blue
  • Keyword: “I Balance”
Libra - Zodiac Signs Cheat Sheet

Libra energy is the balancing scale, ever-seeking harmony.

Planets in Libra are infused with an innate sense of fairness, a love for beauty, and a desire for partnership.

This energy is about creating bridges, fostering relationships, and weighing choices. Libra aims to create equilibrium, embracing diplomacy and grace.

♏️ Scorpio

  • Ruling Planet: Mars (traditional) and Pluto (modern)
  • Element: Water
  • Mode (Quality): Fixed
  • Exalted Planet: Uranus (in modern astrology, though not universally agreed upon)
  • Planet in Detriment: Venus
  • Planet in Fall: Moon
  • House Rulership: 8th House (transformation, shared resources)
  • Body Part: Genitals, reproductive system
  • Color: Dark red or black
  • Keyword: “I Transform”
Scorpio - Zodiac Signs Cheat Sheet

Scorpio energy is the depths of the ocean, mysterious and transformative.

Planets here dive deep, driven by intensity, desire, and the quest for truth.

It’s about probing beneath the surface, the power of regeneration, and the allure of the unknown. Scorpio energy is a force of transformation, constantly seeking to understand, control, and reinvent.

♐️ Sagittarius

  • Ruling Planet: Jupiter
  • Element: Fire
  • Mode (Quality): Mutable
  • Exalted Planet: None
  • Planet in Detriment: Mercury
  • Planet in Fall: None
  • House Rulership: 9th House (higher learning, travel, philosophy)
  • Body Part: Thighs, hips
  • Color: Purple or deep blue
  • Keyword: “I See”
Sagittarius - Zodiac Signs Cheat Sheet

Sagittarius energy is the arrow shooting towards the horizon.

With a planet in Sagittarius, there’s an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, adventure, and understanding the ‘bigger picture’. It’s the joy of exploration, the pursuit of truth, and the desire for freedom.

Sagittarius seeks meaning, pushing boundaries and expanding horizons.

♑️ Capricorn

  • Ruling Planet: Saturn
  • Element: Earth
  • Mode (Quality): Cardinal
  • Exalted Planet: Mars
  • Planet in Detriment: Moon
  • Planet in Fall: Jupiter
  • House Rulership: 10th House (career, public reputation)
  • Body Part: Knees, bones
  • Color: Dark green or black
  • Keyword: “I Use”
Capricorn - Zodiac Signs Cheat Sheet

Capricorn energy is the mountain’s peak, standing tall through time.

Planets in Capricorn are imbued with discipline, ambition, and a respect for structure. It’s about the climb, the dedication, and the end goal.

The essence of Capricorn is the mastery of resources, the crafting of legacy, and the quiet determination to reach the summit, no matter the challenges.

♒️ Aquarius

  • Ruling Planet: Saturn (traditional) and Uranus (modern)
  • Element: Air
  • Mode (Quality): Fixed
  • Exalted Planet: None, though some modern astrologers associate Mercury
  • Planet in Detriment: Sun
  • Planet in Fall: None
  • House Rulership: 11th House (friends, groups, hopes)
  • Body Part: Ankles, circulatory system
  • Color: Electric blue
  • Keyword: “I Know”
Aquarius - Zodiac Signs Cheat Sheet

Aquarius energy is the spark of inspiration, visionary and avant-garde.

Planets in Aquarius resonate with innovation, individuality, and a drive for societal progress. It’s about breaking conventions, the electric jolt of a new idea, and gathering communal energies. The core of Aquarius envisions a future, unbound by tradition, always reaching for what’s next.

♓️ Pisces

  • Ruling Planet: Jupiter (traditional) and Neptune (modern)
  • Element: Water
  • Mode (Quality): Mutable
  • Exalted Planet: Venus
  • Planet in Detriment: Mercury
  • Planet in Fall: None, though some say Pluto in modern interpretations
  • House Rulership: 12th House (spirituality, subconscious, isolation)
  • Body Part: Feet, lymphatic system
  • Color: Sea green or lavender
  • Keyword: “I Believe”
Pisces - Zodiac Signs Cheat Sheet

Pisces energy is the dreamy mist over still waters, encompassing and ethereal.

With a planet in Pisces, there’s a merging with the cosmos, a dance with the intangible, and an immersion into the collective soul. It’s the merging of boundaries, the realm of dreams, and the fluidity of emotions.

Pisces energy seeks union, blurring the lines and feeling the underlying currents that connect us all.

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