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Complete list of astrology symbols

Welcome to the complete list of 60+ astrology symbols. Simply select and copy the symbol you need, then paste it into any astrology-related texts, social media posts, or virtually anywhere online.

Complete List of Astrological Symbols

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Copy and Paste Astrological Symbols

I’ve dedicated considerable effort to compiling every astrology-related symbol into one convenient location for you. I truly hope you find value in this extensive list! Remember to bookmark this page or add it to your phone’s home screen for quick access anytime.

While I aimed to keep everything as streamlined as possible, I couldn’t resist diving a bit deeper here and there to share more insights – that’s the Aries Sun in the 9th house and Aries Mercury on the MC for you. Teaching and sharing knowledge is in my nature! 😊 Plus, I’ve sprinkled in some extra goodies like quizzes and interactive games, all designed to make learning astrology fun and engaging for you. Hope you will enjoy it!

Twelve Zodiac Signs and Their Symbols

In astrology, there are twelve zodiac signs, each symbolizing a distinct energy and set of characteristics that can influence various aspects of our lives, not just our core personalities as reflected by our Sun signs.

Below is a table featuring zodiac symbols and what they stand for – a perfect starting point if you’re curious about the zodiac signs!

I’ve also included the symbol/emoji for Ophiuchus in the end of the table for anyone interested. Known as the “13th sign,” Ophiuchus is not traditionally part of the zodiac. It’s located between Scorpio and Sagittarius.

SymbolZodiac SignSymbol Significance
β™ˆAriesThe Ram: A symbol of
leadership and assertiveness.
The ram embodies Aries’
natural courage, enthusiasm,
and ability to lead the way with
boldness and initiative.
♉TaurusThe Bull: Emblematic of
strength, resilience, and the
pursuit of stability. The bull
reflects Taurus’ determination,
reliability, and appreciation for
the sensual pleasures of life.
β™ŠGeminiThe Twins: Representing
Gemini’s dual nature,
versatility, and exceptional
communication skills. The
twins symbolize the
intellectual and social facets
of Gemini, highlighting their
curiosity and adaptability.
β™‹CancerThe Crab: Symbolizing
Cancer’s protective and
nurturing tendencies. The
crab, with its hard shell,
represents Cancer’s need to
protect themselves and their
loved ones, as well as their
deep emotional undercurrents.
β™ŒLeoThe Lion: Denoting bravery,
nobility, and pride. The lion
captures Leo’s dramatic,
creative, and leadership
qualities, reflecting their
desire to be admired and their
generous spirit.
♍VirgoThe Maiden: Emblematic of
purity, meticulousness, and a
caring nature. The maiden
reflects Virgo’s analytical and
detail-oriented mind, as well
as their modesty and
dedication to service.
β™ŽLibraThe Scales: Representing
balance, harmony, and justice.
The scales symbolize Libra’s
pursuit of equality, their
diplomatic nature, and their
inherent desire for peace and
harmony in relationships.
♏ScorpioThe Scorpion: Indicating
intensity, passion, and power.
The scorpion embodies
Scorpio’s deep, transformative
qualities, their resilience, and
their ability to navigate
through life’s shadows.
♐SagittariusThe Archer: Symbolizing
adventure, exploration, and
the search for wisdom. The
archer represents Sagittarius’
love for freedom, their
optimistic outlook, and their
quest for truth and knowledge.
β™‘CapricornThe Sea-Goat: A mythical
creature representing
ambition, persistence, and
practicality. The sea-goat
symbolizes Capricorn’s ability
to navigate both emotional
and material realms,
illustrating their discipline and
determination to achieve their
β™’AquariusThe Water-Bearer: Denoting
innovation, community, and
humanitarianism. The water-bearer symbolizes Aquarius’
role in bringing life-giving
energies to the world,
reflecting their visionary
nature and commitment to
social progress.
β™“PiscesThe Fish: Emblematic of
intuition, empathy, and
connection to the spiritual
realm. The fish represents
Pisces’ fluid, adaptable nature,
and their deep, boundless
emotional and psychic
β›ŽOphiuchusThe Serpent Bearer: Often
associated with healing,
enlightenment, and wisdom.
The serpent bearer, not
traditionally part of the zodiac,
symbolizes knowledge of both
the heavenly and the earthly,
hinting at a profound
connection to the mystical and
the transcendent.

Dive into my Zodiac Signs Cheat Sheet for a fun and easy way to get to know each sign a bit better. Plus, I’ve prepared some engaging activities to help you learn about the Zodiac signs in a fun and interactive way. Enjoy exploring!

Astrology Elements Symbols

In astrology, the four elementsβ€”Fire, Earth, Air, and Waterβ€”serve as a foundational concept, categorizing the twelve zodiac signs into four distinct groups based on their elemental affinity. Each element represents a fundamental type of energy and a unique approach to life:

  • Fire signs are known for their passion, enthusiasm, and impulsiveness.
  • Earth signs are practical, grounded, and reliable.
  • Air signs are intellectual, social, and communicative.
  • Water signs are emotional, intuitive, and sensitive.
πŸœ‚πŸ”₯Fireβ™ˆ Aries
β™Œ Leo
♐ Sagittarius
πŸœƒπŸͺ¨Earth♉ Taurus
♍ Virgo
β™‘ Capricorn
πŸœπŸ’¨Airβ™Š Gemini
β™Ž Libra
β™’ Aquarius
πŸœ„πŸ’§Waterβ™‹ Cancer
♏ Scorpio
β™“ Pisces

I have a few activities for you to learn astrology elements and modalities (the next part in this article):

Astrology Modalities Symbols

In astrology, modalities or modes refer to the three categories that the twelve zodiac signs are divided into. Each modality represents a different type of energy and approach to life.

  • Cardinal signs are initiators
  • Fixed signs are stabilizers
  • Mutable signs are adaptable

The symbols used in the table below are not official Unicode representations of astrological modes, but they closely resemble the symbols commonly used to represent these concepts. These visual aids can help to better understand and differentiate the modalities within the zodiac.

βŸ‘Cardinalβ™ˆ Aries
β™‹ Cancer
β™Ž Libra
β™‘ Capricorn
πŸ•Fixed♉ Taurus
β™Œ Leo
♏ Scorpio
β™’ Aquarius
🜳Mutableβ™Š Gemini
♍ Virgo
♐ Sagittarius
β™“ Pisces

Planets & Luminaries (Sun & Moon) Symbols

β˜‰SunRepresents self, identity,
and personal power.
☾MoonGoverns emotions, intuition,
and maternal energy.
☿MercurySymbolizes communication,
intellect, and travel.
♀VenusAssociated with love, beauty,
and harmony.
β™‚MarsRepresents energy, action,
and desire.
♃JupiterSymbolizes growth, expansion,
and abundance.
β™„SaturnGoverns structure, discipline,
and challenges.
β™…UranusRepresents change, innovation,
and rebellion.
(Astronomical symbol β›’)
♆NeptuneAssociated with dreams, intuition,
and spirituality.
♇PlutoGoverns transformation, power,
and regeneration.
♁EarthEmbodies grounding, stability,
and our home environment.
(Alternative symbols
could be 🜨 and βŠ•)
β„žPlanet in Retrograde MotionIndicates a time of reflection,
review, and revisiting
past themes.

Astrology Aspects Symbols

This table breaks down the symbols of the key relationships between planets in astrology, known as aspects, showing how they interact with each other in astrology charts.

☌Conjunction0°Intensity, fusion of energies,
focus, and potential for unity
or conflict.
∠Semi-Square45°Challenge, friction, and a call
for action to resolve tension.
⚺Semisextile30°Mild interaction, opportunity
for growth, subtle harmony.
⚹Sextile60°Harmony, ease, productive
interactions, and opportunities.
☐Square90°Tension, conflict, dynamic
action required to overcome
Ξ”Trine120Β°Flow, ease, natural harmony,
and beneficial conditions.
⚻Quincunx150°Adjustment, realignment,
challenge, and opportunity
for growth despite discomfort.
⚼Sesquiquadrate135°Tension, challenge, requiring
adjustment and perseverance.
☍Opposition180°Polarization, awareness, potential
for balance or struggle.
βˆ₯Parallelβ€”Similarity in perspective,
amplification of traits, and
potential for cooperation or
∦Contra-Parallelβ€”Contrast, potential conflict or
complementarity, requiring

Note: The Parallel (βˆ₯) and Contra-Parallel (∦ the symbols seems to not be working on mobiles πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ) aspects are based on declination rather than the ecliptic longitude, hence they do not have a specific degree of separation like the others but are still significant in chart interpretation.

Some activities to learn astrological aspects:

Astrology Points and Additional Astrology Symbols

Β°DegreeIndicates the specific
position of a planet or
point within a zodiac
☊North NodeSymbolizes future
growth, pointing towards
the direction of our
soul’s evolutionary path.
β˜‹South NodeRepresents past
experiences and patterns
we’ve already mastered
in past lifetimes.
⚸Black Moon LilithA mathematical point
revealing the darker
aspects of one’s
personality and
βŠ—Part of FortuneIndicates areas in our life
where we may find
success, fulfillment, and
β„žPlanet in RetrogradeSuggests a period of
reflection and
reevaluation, urging us to
revisit past themes
and lessons.

Main Asteroid Symbols

⚳CeresSymbolizes nurturing, motherhood,
and the instinct to care for others.
⚴PallasRepresents wisdom, intelligence, and
the ability to strategize and heal.
⚡JunoAssociated with marriage, partnerships,
and the commitments we make
in relationships.
⚢VestaSymbolizes the home, hearth, and
the sacred aspects of life that
we hold dear.
⚷ChironA comet with an erratic orbit, known
as the β€œwounded healer,”
symbolizing healing and wisdom.

Moon Phase Symbols

Each phase of the Moon carries its unique energy and symbolism, guiding us through cycles of growth, reflection, and renewal.

Check out the Moon Phases Calendar 2024 to keep track of the current lunar phase and its zodiac sign. I’ve tailored the calendar to four different time zones for your convenience. Also, if you’re interested in aligning your life with the moon’s cycle, don’t forget to explore the Printable Moon Phase Guides in my Etsy shop – they’re a favorite among my customers!

EmojiMoon PhaseDescription
πŸŒ‘New MoonA time for new beginnings
setting intentions,
and starting fresh.
πŸŒ’Waxing Crescent MoonGrowth and gathering momentum,
a phase to plan and act on intentions.
πŸŒ“First Quarter MoonA period of challenges and decision-making,
perfect for overcoming obstacles.
πŸŒ”Waxing Gibbous MoonRefinement and adjustment, focusing
on fine-tuning plans and goals.
πŸŒ•Full MoonFulfillment and illumination, a time for
realization and clarity regarding your intentions.
πŸŒ–Waning Gibbous MoonReleasing and letting go, a phase for
gratitude and sharing insights.
πŸŒ—Last Quarter MoonReflection and reevaluation, a period
for reviewing and revising plans.
🌘Waning Crescent MoonSurrender and rest, preparing to release
and conclude as the cycle nears its end.

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